GTABC 2022 Panels 
Shaping the Conversation

GTABC 2022 will feature 5 panels highlighted below. 

The time for each panel is listed and times are US Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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Leapfrogging & accelerating change
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2021 saw a boom in venture capital funding for African technology startups, a 200% increase from 2020 in spite of or perhaps powered by the dynamics of the COVID-19 macro environment. What opportunities exist for tech practitioners to heighten the positives effects of an open global digital economy? What support is required to equip and position the tech ecosystem to scale and provide broad and sustainable economic growth? What picture does the rapid growth of technology startups on the continent tell?

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Energy Transition

Plugging into greener & sustainable energy
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Even as the world undergoes energy transition to sustainable sources, Africa is at the forefront of distributed energy systems that can increase energy access faster than conventional systems. At the same time, the ongoing market dynamics of carbon-based fuels could hold unfavorable consequences for some of the continent's biggest economies.The panel will address climate change's impact and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the energy transition phase.

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Sowing the seeds for sustainable growth
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According to the World Bank, about 1 in 2 Africans are employed in agriculture. Yet, food insecurity remains a challenge and import reliance for value-add value chain activities in agriculture remains a challenge for many African economies. An explosion in interest in agriculture entrepreneurship among educated young Africans and technology-driven innovations are driving optimism on the continent. This panel will feature agri-tech disruptors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Africa's changing agro sector.

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Africa's anchor for shared and sustained growth
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According to the African Development Bank, 22% of Africa's working-age population are starting businesses, the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world and the solution to youth under and unemployment, women's empowerment on the continent and the seed for broad and shared sustainable growth.

The panel will feature public and private sector entrepreneurs and thought leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs.

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A tech-enabled connected Africa
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Even as globalization faces headwinds, Africa's internal and external trade  connectivity was given a boost with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and supercharged by the recent launch of the The Pan-African Payments and Settlement System (PAPSS), a platform to enable instant or near-instant transfers of funds between originators in one African country and beneficiaries in another. The panel will discuss the opportunities of a more connected Africa for it's small and large businesses.

GTABC 2022 Speakers

The 2022 Conference will feature keynote addresses and conversations from seasoned panelists. A subset of the speakers can be seen below.

Energy (Transition) Panel

Agriculture Panel

Trade Panel

Trade Panel

Entrepreneurship Panel

Technology Panel

Entrepreneurship Panel